Photography for Boston University Academy web site and publications.

Boston University Academy’s core curriculum provides a foundation for in-depth study of  just about anything. Ninth and tenth grade students gain a strong grounding in the liberal arts. Within our classically-based humanities program, every student studies Classical Themes in Literature; English Literature and Composition; Ancient History; The Development of Modern Europe; and either Latin or Ancient Greek. With this, comes immersion in primary texts, an interdisciplinary approach to humanities, and an emphasis on close reading and learning to write. Ninth and tenth graders also study Physics and Chemistry, a visual or performing art; and the level of mathematics they are prepared for, from Algebra to Multivariable Calculus. All courses at bbin娱乐平台 are honors level. 

Eleventh and twelfth graders at bbin娱乐平台 take BU courses for college credit in addition to courses in the Academy building. Hundreds of course offerings in eleventh and twelfth grade make it possible for students to build upon their underclassman experience and to pursue their particular interests at advanced levels. Students graduate from bbin娱乐平台 with a foundation for becoming enlightened, thoughtful, impactful citizens.